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Over the past twenty-five years , Downey Manufacturing, Inc. has earned a reputation for the ability to produce some of the very best equipment in response to the extremely stringent demands placed upon it by an exacting industry. DMI has furnished specific units on the following list of aircrafts:

Model Unit
707 Actuator Assembly - Lock, Nose Gear
727 Actuator Assembly - Lock, MLG
737 Actuator Assembly - Side Strut, MLG
747 Actuator Assembly - Lock Retention, Nose Gear
767 Dampening Assembly - Flutter Rudder
Fuel Centering Actuator
Variable Restricter Assembly, Nose Gear
Despin Actuator
DC-8 Cylinder Assembly - Door Latch, MLG
Gland Assembly - Swivel Retract Cyl., MLG
Gland Assembly - Starter, Engine Air
Valve Assembly - Brake Shuttle
KC-10 Shock Absorber - IFR
KC-135 Actuator Assembly - Elevator
Slide & Sleeve Assemblies
Torque Tubes
Gear Boxes
Safety Link Assemblies
Flap Drive Assemblies
Thrust Reverse Assemblies
Actuator Assembly - Side Strut, MLG
Actuator Assembly - Cargo Door
Actuator Assembly - Lock, Landing Gear
Actuator Assembly - Lock Retention, Nose Gear
Actuator Assembly - Lock, Nose Gear
Actuator Assembly - Boom Telescoping
Joint Assembly - Hydraulic Tube
Joint Assembly - Nose Gear
Snubber Assembly / Rudder (Ruddovator)
Flap Valves
Actuator Assembly - MLG 
B-52 Actuator Assembly - Modulated Spoiler
Cartridge Assembly - Brake Feeling Spring
Cartridge Assembly - Return Spring & Return Brake, Lockout
Dampening Assembly - Cylinder, Rudder Elevation
Dampening Assembly - Seat Position, Downward
Dampening Assembly - Ejection Seat
Swivel Assembly - Steering
Swivel Assembly - Dual Brake Assembly

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